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Welcome to Ph@tt Works

Healthy Living - Clean Living

How do you want to feel in 30 days?

Healthy isn't a goal - it's a way of living. We help you develop healthy habits for life.

Reach your weight loss and/or gut health goals with our amazing Gut Health Program.

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Its as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE...


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You begin your health journey by eating from a list of approved foods and starting your nutritional supplements.


The focus of step 1 is begin to improve your gut health.

There is no modified calorie counting in the first three days.


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The second step is to follow a modified calorie detox phase of the program for 27 to 37 days depending on how much weight you would like to lose. It is when your body will start to change as a result of burning fat during which time you will do your major weight loss with our program.


You then a further 21 days of ‘Maintenance’ (Step three) at a higher calorie intake. At this point, if you still need to lose more weight we simply start again from the beginning, but we need the maintenance break as otherwise your body will plateau and stop losing weight.


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The third step is designed to keep you at your current weight and cement a healthy lifestyle you can follow to maintain this weight indefinitely. This is the final link in the chain where the gut is fully healed.

This step varies in length, depending on how many rounds you do and is designed to teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle! If you are at your ideal weight, this is an excellent plan to follow to maintain your ideal weight. If you want to lose more, simply go back to Step 1 and repeat.

During this step we introduce some additional nutritional supplements, introduce additional food groups back into your diet and increase the calories per day to begin to teach you how to live healthily for the rest of your life.

The Phatt program is not just ‘a diet’ – it’s a lifestyle change.

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