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Ph@tt Works Testimonials



What an amazing difference I have made to my life.

Thanks to Phatt Works I have lost over 30kgs and have maintained it.


I have accomplished this in just 3 months on the Phatt Works Weight Loss – Gut Health Program. It is the best weight loss program I have come across and I have seen a few. The products are amazing and the menu plans which are provided are great - no shakes on this program and no hidden costs ! You get all the tools to achieve your goals as well as to maintain your weight. I would fully recommend this program to anyone - its the best ! TESTIMONIAL USED WITH PERMISSION


I can't thank Phatt Works enough.


The kind daily words of support from my one on one mentor and the excitement when reaching milestones is so motivating. After doing the program I have lost 28kg and have gained so much more energy. It has done wonders for my self-esteem and confidence.


The programme is super easy to follow and it made my journey a lot easier knowing I had my own mentor to encourage me and answer any questions I had. The results just say it all. Anyone thinking about joining, just do it. Stop fence sitting and take the plunge.


You won't be disappointed.

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 I love this program and it is really easy to follow.

Since I have been doing the programme I have lost 18 kilos. The support of a one on one Mentor -makes me feel so special and makes my journey a lot easier. It is great having someone there to encourage you and answer any questions you may have. Losing weight has never been this easy for me. The products are easy to take and each one has its specific role.


I cant recommend this programme and my mentor enough.

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